Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conference Call

Some of the brothers from the fraternity put together a conference call so many of us who couldn't make it to JimBob's funeral could get a chance to talk. It was great to catch up with the guys.

Question: why is it so strange to imagine the young, crazy fraternity brothers as mature, upstanding, (almost all) married fathers?

It was great to hear their voices; they all sounded the same, just a little older. The wonders of technology that can allow guys from all over the world (literally; Patrick called in from China) to talk together on the phone.

But I had to laugh at the thought of a conference call; I used 3-way calling once as a teenager to call two Pizza Hut restaurants in town as a prank to make them think that the other had called them... but before that, the closest I'd come to a conference call was on the party line in Normanda.

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