Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogging from the NPC: Day 1: Getting Here

Tuesday morning started early, as Barb W graciously volunteered to pick Rudy and me up at 5:00 to bring us to the airport. Of course, both of us had used our time so wisely that our 4:30 alarm clocks brought us bouncing out of our beds, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for everything (or maybe we were each up late into the night doing laundry and packing).

The flight to San Diego was uneventful; there were a lot of open seats, so we got to spread out, which was nice. We met a character named Andy who was going to Las Vegas (for his 10th time in <3 years); he was very amusing. Most amusing was his little baggie of airport-sized bottles of Jack Daniels, for which he was scolded by Nurse Diesel, the flight attendant who mostly dealt with first class. She dealt with him as if she was a teacher and he was a misbehaving high schooler. This might even go on his permanant record!

One note about US Airways; those commercials you see where the airline keeps jacking up the prices? That's definitely them (if not others). If you check a bag (one bag), that's $15. If you want snacks, that's $5. A drink? $2-7. etc. etc.

Once we got to San Diego, we got a cab to the resort. Our room is in the opposite corner from the room I had last year, which means it is closer to the convention hall AND to the food sources. Nice. When they found that we were from Ohio, everyone kept asking us if it was warmer there than here. I wouldn't know. All I know is that it feels fantastic to be in San Diego. Rudy and I are thinking that it might be prudent to move Millersport here.

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