Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Conversation with Jesus

On Wednesday I took the day as a retreat day, just me and Jesus. In seminary, I found that a good way to do that was to go off into the woods alone with my Bible, my journal, and a pen. I made my way to Alley Park, just south of Lancaster, for some time alone with God.

As I was walking up a hill (as an aside, when there is a trail called "Vulture's Roost" I will always take it), I imagined what it would be like if Jesus was walking along with me (in the flesh). Of course, in my imagination, he was wearing sandals and a robe.
Pretty silly, eh?

Anyway, I wondered, "What would Jesus say right now if He were walking with me?"

The answer was clear. "Slow down!"

Now, this was a silly answer, and it made me laugh. It made me laugh because I could just imagine Him hiking up that white robe (that he wore for His senior picture, you know, the one with the blue sash) and hurrying up the hill with me. I laughed it off, especially because I was on my way up the Vulture's Roost trail, which while not vertical, was sort of a strenuous hike, and I wasn't going very fast at all.

"Slow down! Wait up!"

So I did what any rational person would do in this situation: I made a deal with The LORD. Yeah, that always works out well. How's about this, Jesus? You're the Creator (yeah, with God). So if you really want me to slow down, how's about making me a rock to sit on?

I laughed about the (oh so clever) response I'd come up with... until, about 10 steps on, I found a rock dead in the middle of the path. Not only was this rock flush with the ground, but it was wet. Very wet. With water puddled on it.

"Well, all you asked for was a rock. That, my friend, is a rock!" was his response (between laughs).

So, as clever as I am, I (after a good laugh), told Jesus, "If you can make a flat rock like that for me, you can certainly make a good one for me to sit on. What I'm looking for is something a little taller, and, while you're at it, find some sandstone to make a dry one. And it might as well be out of the wind."

"I mean, after all, you're the LORD."

I got a laugh at my cleverness... until I came around a bend and saw this:

Yes, that is the very rock. And I sat on it and hung out with Jesus for the next hour or so. It was dry. It was big enough to be extremely comfortable to sit on. It was out of the wind. A perfect rock.

What did I take from my conversation with Jesus?

I need to remember to slow down. No matter what else is going on, I have to take the time to sit on a rock that Jesus provides for me. Not slowing down reinforces the lie that I am indispensible. I'm not.

But it also reminded me to be specific in my prayers. If I want a big, dry rock out of the wind, then don't just ask for 'a rock' but tell Him what I really want (He knows anyway).


Big Mama said...

Impressive--of Jesus, of course! Yeah, best to be specific-and Jesus was teaching you that in a fun way...I also have some fun specificities (!) that I regularly share. And remind me to tell you about a conversations with God book I (didn't) read. Not worthy of cocmment here.

The Sister said...

HA HA HA! Leave it to the King of Kings to be very very literal when He chooses to be. :)

Rev.Dulce said...

Awesome story!!