Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a great day! This morning, we roused the boys from bed way early (I never like to wake them up; they are so peaceful and cute sleeping) and took them straight to church for the sunrise service.

This was the best Easter sunrise service I've ever been to. It was based on first-person monologues with songs in between them, and they were extremely well done. It was obvious that not only were the characters very good actors, but that everyone put a lot into their parts.

Speaking of great, then we had a fantastic Easter breakfast following the sunrise service. Yumm!

I thought the first service went well, but I felt like the service was really quick (and I rushed through the message). Now I'm taking a breather between services.

Later, after I get a nap (which I am starting to really feel like taking!), we'll have an Easter Egg hunt at home. The boys colored eggs yesterday (more like Jonathan colored eggs and Andrew, well, he wasn't feeling very well and wasn't listening very well, either), and they are going to get to find them this afternoon (when it's warm out!)


WES ELLIS said...

Happy Resurrection day! Happy Easter! The tomb of death has been opened to a garden of life.

Rudy said...

And also... You sang "Little Red Box" on Easter in front of visitors. You are radical!