Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Blogroll

In a day when Facebook has overtaken blogs (and in which I am certainly guilty of not blogging much), I'm glad that there are some people who still blog!

I mostly read my blogs on Google Reader (on my igoogle homepage), and it's been a LONG time since I updated my blogroll (on the right sidebar of this page).

So today I finally did it. You can check out the blogs I read along the sidebar: but here are some highlights of the series:

The first four blogs haven't changed: they are my family members' blogs (my sister, my brother, my mom, and my brother-in-law).

Then is Nathan Howard, my running buddy and seminary friend.

Bryan Bucher follows (From Bryan's Office): a friend I met through the blogoshere and then finally in real life at the clergy session (in which I pulled off the pratfall of the century).

After that comes Brian Eberly, who is only one or two degrees separated from me, though he's west coast and we've never met. I've been reading his blog for years. Literally.

Ben Simpson is next: I've only recently been reading his stuff, but he's a sharp guy. He was the one who spearheaded the 40 Days of Prayer (for the United Methodist Church).

Joseph Yoo comes next - I've only been reading his blog for a short while, but I love the way this guy thinks!

Becky Piatt is a pastor in Westerville and is a friend and colleague.

Perry Noble! If you read one pastor's blog, it should be Perry's. Really.

Jennifer Kay Smith is another one who I've just recently started reading. She is a young United Methodist with a lot of energy and good ideas about the future of the UMC.

Wes Ellis is a guy who Rudy and I met at the National Pastors Conference in California this February. Great guy, deep thinker. Doesn't match up with my theology 1:1 but stretches me.

Stuff Christians Like: This is a really funny blog. You need to read it.

Stuff Christian Culture Likes: just as funny as the blog above, but with a bit more bite.

Jesus and Java (Dan Browne) a youth pastor with a really cute little daughter (who has had a rough little life)

Faded Cap (Heath) is an internet friend from Utherica, a faraway land a long time ago.

The Zeray Gazette used to be Locusts and Honey and is written by John the former Methodist. Good guy, hurt by the church. :-(

Parish Perspectives: another UMC blogosphere friend whose blog I've been reading for several years.

A Long Obedience... (Ashlee) a UMC campus minister in Kansas whose blog I've recently stumbled upon.

1000 Thoughts (MB) another friend from Utherica (who I actually have met in the "real" world)

Beth "Humbug's" Life - a third Utherican on the blogroll.

Dillon Bock: the Blog is from Dillon, a friend from my previous life in New Knoxville

The Methoblogger Roundup is really Allan Bevere's blog: he's an East Ohio clergyperson who also compiles a list of Methodist blogposts. I used to be included, but I think I stopped writing enough theological posts.

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Brian Eberly said...

Yours is one of the first blogs I ever read, and still do. One of these days we must meet. Oregon is beautiful this time of year! Come on out!