Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UMC Constitutional Amendments

There seemed to be some confusion about the proposed constitutional amendments from the General Conference. Simply put, these amendments must be ratified by 2/3 of all voting United Methodists (not simply 2/3 of annual conferences).

Our conference has entered our votes...

I. that all persons shall be eligible for church membership (No)
II. that all organizations shall adopt ethics & conflict of interest policies (No)
IV. X. XXIII. XXVI. that we would create "regional" conferences (No)
III. V. VII. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XVI. XVIII. XX. XXI. XXIV. XXV. XXVIII. XXIX. XXX. XXXI. XXXII. that we would change language in the Discipline to reflect the change above (regional instead of central conferences) (No)
VI. would create a platform for the establishment of representation for newly created conferences on a less than proportional representation. (No)
VIII. adds "gender" to protected status (against discrimination) (Yes)
IX. ensures a minimum basis of support for the election of bishops. (Yes)
XV. defines laity and clergy membership without going through the process of changing the constitution (No)
XVII. allows lay members of the Conference Committee on Investigation to vote on matters of Ordination, character, and conference relations of clergy (Yes)
XIX. enables associate members, provisional members (who have completed their educational requirements), and local pastors (who have completed the course of study or have an MDiv and have served at least 2 years) to vote or to attend General/Jurisdictional Conference (Yes)
XXII. Allows Bermuda to be listed as part of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference (where it has effectively been for some time) (Yes)

An editorial note: I was slightly upset at the lobbying efforts by those in favor of issue I; they were at all of the entrances of Hoover Auditorium, wearing buttons and handing out "information" which was no more than an ad for their issue. This kind of lobbying doesn't help the unity of the conference; I don't care which side you're on. Leave that garbage at home.

As it was, the votes ALL went as I voted. I'm thinking these yes/no votes reflect that they didn't "pass" - that they didn't get the required 2/3 from our Annual Conference. The numbers will soon be posted on the Conference website.

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Rudy said...

Glad to see your computer is up and running. Glad to see the conference is voting the right way. And yes, the RIGHT way as opposed to the WRONG way. That issue 1 lobbying garbage is ridiculous. They should have been called out on the carpet for that. Do they have that little faith in their issue's validity?