Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Reflections #3

By far, the best moment of my weekend, even outplacing my soccer game (in which I scored 2 goals), was Jennifer Dymek's baptism.

She came to me earlier wanting to talk about making a commitment to Jesus Christ in baptism, and I was so excited. I was really excited about all of the people who have helped her along in her journey to this point, and it was awesome to invite them to join her on the stage for her baptism.


Someone asked me about the timing (during the service) of the baptism; they wanted to make sure that they got to see it (if you're not familiar with the flow of our 11:00 service, we have a pull-out children's church; after the worship songs and offering, the children are dismissed for children's church. Since Jennifer has children who would be dismissed then, I wanted to make sure that they got to see her baptism and hear her testimony and confession of faith. Plus some of the children's church volunteers have been walking this journey with Jennifer, and I didn't want them to miss out!

I want to always make sure to make something this significant in the life of the church accessible for as many people as possible. I know the Host of Heaven is celebrating, but we want the chance to celebrate as well!

I'll tell you something: this is what we're all working for. This is what it's all about!

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