Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Governor Strickland,

Thanks a whole lot for selling out the voters, who have emphatically denied the expansion of gambling. Thank you for selling out your Methodist roots and all of your United Methodist supporters. Thank you for selling out the poor by cutting programs to help them while expanding gambling, which always harms them most. Thank you, Governor Strickland, for showing your true colors.

Your brother, the thief


Angie said...

Amen, Brian!! I have been ranting about Gov. Strickland for months now on Facebook. From cutting the education budget in 1/2 to cutting library funding, and now this...he's definitely hurting our state.

The Vactican Official said...

Brother Thief,

May I suggest that the "Governor" has violated his oath to uphold UMC teaching regarding gambling and therefore should no longer be permitted to hold a local pastor's license. His view points are contrary to the Book of Discipline. Maybe a little Discipline should fall on him from the Board of Ordained Ministry?!!

Get, em - Thief for the Governor is a gambling thief!

Pastor of the Vatican You Know Where!

Andrew C. Thompson said...

Brian -

I just read your recent op/ed in the UM Reporter. Thank you for that. The frustration that we can feel when looking at the UMC as it currently exists can be mitigated by embracing the richness of the Wesleyan heritage and struggling to return the church to it. May God bless your ministry and witness!

Grace & peace,
Andrew Thompson