Monday, August 10, 2009

Baltimore Festival 5K

I know it seems like all I do these days is run - that's because I've been pretty busy and haven't taken the time to type out many of my other thoughts.

Anyway, Saturday was the Baltimore Festival 5K. It was a packed field; all the cross country kids were out to run this race. It was a very narrow start, so I made sure to start near the front. Good choice. The race announcer told people that if they weren't planning to run fast, don't start near the front; you will get run over.

My first mile felt good... good and fast. Just over 6 minutes (contrast that with my usual 6:20-6:30 first mile). My second mile was in 6:20, and by this time, I knew that unless something catastrophic happened, I would beat 20 minutes.

My final time: 19:35. I broke 20 minutes! I was so excited, I was floating all day. Full results are available here.


jonesinonjesus said...

20:00 under, you had me at 20:01 you little 5k blow one's own horn, rodomontade, gasconade, swaggering, extravagant boasting showboat.

John said...

Awesome work!