Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Forgot to Mention

When Jonathan told people at the party that he was going to get a baby brother, I asked the boys what the baby's name would be.

Andrew replied, "Donut!"

Jonathan said, "Well, I think it should be Mason." (I don't think he even knows anyone named Mason).

Turns out he was only one letter off... he put the middle initial onto the first name.


The Sister with great ideas said...

and I think baby Jason's nickname should be donut! :)

jonesinonjesus said...

He's a cute little an annular object whatever he be ith, he is an unsweetened dough fried in deep fat little boy, awesome

jonesinonjesus said...

In all honesty, what your wife, your family, and yourself have done is so wonderful. To give a new baby a loving home is incredible.

John said...


Still, Donut would have been a good name. It would leave everyone with a sweet impression of him.

Amy said...

Donut's an awesome name. I think I'm gonna name my pet hamster "Donut" in honor of your kid.