Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Update on Baby J

Most of my readers are familiar with the situation with Baby Jason - that we are his foster parents and that his birth parents are working to get custody of him. We would love to keep Baby J, but that doesn't look like what's in his future.

So we are working with his birth parents to hopefully get them custody sooner rather than later. They have been working with Job & Family Services on a plan to get him back. What we found out, however, is that one aspect of their plan involves them having to make certain appointments in certain areas where they will be deemed "fit parents" (being purposely vague here), but the earliest appointment they could get is December 1 (this was confirmed by our social worker; it's not a case of them "slacking off" or anything like that). Which means we will definitely have Baby J through then.

In the meantime, he is still a great little guy. Jonathan and Andrew love him (Jonathan counts how many times he smiles at him - though I think his numbers are slightly inflated, Jonathan does get more smiles than I do). Tara and I love him. The whole church family loves him (it seems like he gets held by different people every week in services). And his birth parents love him.

That's one thing nobody can get too much of: love!

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Big Mama said...

Which is a mixed blessing! I weep, but pray for only what is best for the little guy. He has had an absolutely wonderful start in life with you all though. It's one of the hardest things about foste parenting!!! He's beautiful!!