Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Looking Out For Pedestrians

When I was in drivers' ed, I remember how our teacher stressed to us, as new drivers, that when we are beginning to enter an intersection, we aren't to do so until we've looked both ways (twice).  The most important part of looking both ways was (obviously) to look for cars, but part of looking both ways was to look for pedestrians.

I've noticed that people don't walk as much these days, and maybe this is what contributes to the following: I've noticed that drivers often don't look for pedestrians.  I've noticed this as a runner (where I'm always vigilant when crossing streets or driveways), but I've noticed it even more as a father, walking with my boys.  Drivers just aren't on the lookout for pedestrians.

It's important (as a pedestrian) that I look out for drivers who aren't looking out for me.  But it's a reminder that it's extremely important as a driver to look out for pedestrians, even when you don't often see people walking around town.

I was thinking about this on my run last night (after a passenger had to alert a driver of my presence).

Sometimes we get to areas in our lives where we haven't been tempted in some area for a long time.  Maybe you used to struggle in some area and you knew you had to remain vigilant all the time, but those struggles haven't surfaced in a long time, and you've stopped looking out for them.  Like the alcoholic who used to stay away from bars because he knew he'd be tempted, but he hasn't had a drink in such a long time, so why not stop by the bar with his friends - after all, alcohol isn't a problem anymore, is it?  Or the married person who knows he or she will never have an affair, so even though they know they shouldn't be spending so much time alone with someone of the opposite sex, they think it could never happen to them, and they lose their vigilance.

The lesson is that we need to remain vigilant.  Even (especially) in areas where we think we're in the clear.  Take an extra look for pedestrians today.

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Rudy said...

Amen x 10!