Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings

When I was a teenager, one thing that always bothered me was that "church people" didn't seem to have any joy.  Not at church, anyway.  Sure, they could cheer their heads off for the local high school football or basketball teams, but I never saw any enthusiasm or excitement on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I've seen that attitude in more than one church. 

I understand coming before the LORD with reverence and respect, and I know that there are times and places for different attitudes and different people show their emotions differently, but I craved a worship experience where I saw people actually celebrating what God was doing.  On a regular Sunday morning even.

This Sunday we experienced that.

It seemed like a celebratory atmosphere pervaded our morning.  We celebrated a baptism.  We celebrated a dedication.  We celebrated miraculous healing.  We sang, we prayed, we danced, we laughed, we listened to God's word, we celebrated some more.

This kind of stuff never gets old.  Especially getting the honor of baptizing a new believer.  And watching a congregation celebrate with her.  This Sunday was one of those reminders of why I love being a pastor.

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Big Mama said...

YAY!! My kind of service. Love to hear about the dancing part!! Hey, there was a girl on our worship team a few weeks back that I swear was singing "watermelon" on several songs which she didn't know. Honest!! It was very distracting! I had the DVD cause I didn't get to go, and there she was!