Friday, May 21, 2010

Changing the World

About 1 1/2 years ago, I attended the Change the World Conference at Ginghamsburg UMC near Dayton, Ohio.  I blogged about my experiences there and was a bit critical of Michael Slaughter.

Because I was public with my critique of him, I need to be public in my apology.

My complaint stemmed from a comment that Slaughter made about the "light show" and how his "twentysomething staffers demanded it" (or something like that) and told him "sit down, Mike."

Now, I doubt they really said those words, but, having experienced a panel discussion led by his Worship Design Team, I have to say this: Michael Slaughter gives his Worship Design Team huge freedom in ministry  production.  He won't "compromise" his prophetic message, but he has total trust in his team to do what's right and to produce a Spirit-led, full ministry.  He is a tough leader, and I've never experienced first hand what it's like to work under him, but from what I could see, if his team says that a light show will produce the environment they're looking for (as a team - led by the Spirit), even if Michael Slaughter doesn't like a light show, the team will carry the day.

I was impressed, not only by Slaughter's authenticity (I got a chance to speak to him individually), and not only for his passion for Darfur (I already knew he was passionate about Darfur) or for sharing Jesus with the Dayton area (which he is passionately passionate about), but his passion for leading leaders and for mentoring young leaders in the church.

Well done, Michael Slaughter.

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