Monday, June 21, 2010


Ten years ago, my friend Joe died.  I had just gotten back in touch with him after having lost contact with him for several years, but I never got to see him before he died.  He and I weren't close friends in high school, though we were good acquaintances, but in college, he was the one guy I could always count on.  Since he was still in Kokomo, he was always home when I was (including when all my friends had returned to school in the fall and I was waiting for NU to start the much-later fall quarter), and we hung out all the time. 

When Joe got back in touch, he told me he had cancer - he couldn't make it to any of the high school 10th reunion activities because his doctor didn't want him being around all of the potential germs and bugs.  I didn't make it either - I was out of town for a wedding that weekend and barely made it in for an informal picnic with some members of the class.  I figured I would just see Joe the next time I was in town.  I didn't expect that "next time" to be for his funeral.

Now here we are, ten years later, and Saturday night I dreamed about Joe.  The dream was rather strange (including a bit where I was running a long distance race that went through a barn filled with angry cows - I turned around and tried to sneak out before the bull saw me), but at the end of the dream I was hanging out with Joe. 

Somehow, I think I realized that I was dreaming, because even though he was right in front of me, I realized that Joe was already dead, and I knew that once I woke up, I wouldn't see him again. It was as though I knew I was going to wake up.  I knew I had to say my goodbyes. We said goodbye, and shortly thereafter, I woke up.

I frequently remember my dreams, but this one seemed really vivid.  And (I should add) though it's said we dream in black and white, I dream in vivid color.  And I can still see it in my mind, a full day later.


+PD said...

My brother,

There are moments I believe that the Lord allows us to see clearly between the veil, even for a few moments. It is for our healing and our encouragement to remember that we are surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses!"


The Thief said...

PD, that's exactly what I thought, and I was grateful for a "real" chance to say goodbye (which isn't really goodbye, but, rather, see you later, because I know where he is and I'm planning on going there, too, especially since my Lord made a pretty strong promise...)