Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love it When...

I have read a lot about perceptions people have of Christians - especially in the realm of evangelism (sharing our faith) - and some of the unpleasant things that people think of us.

But yesterday something happened to remind me how awesome some Christian people are.

But first a little background. In case you don't know, we are right now parents of four little boys, age 6, (almost) 4, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2. Two are foster sons who have only been in our home for a couple of weeks now.

Also, Tara (my wife) plays with the Lancaster Festival Orchestra this time of year, and last night was the opening rehearsal and welcome picnic (which was being held indoors because the weather looked threatening). I met Tara there with the boys (who were hungry and irritable) and we went in and washed up and put our stuff at a table so we could get in line for the food. When we finally got through the line (each of us "helping" prepare 2 little boys' plates as well as our own), we went to "our" table, only to find a couple sitting there. "No problem - but they're going to have to deal with little boys," I thought. Only they rudely shooed us away, telling us *they* had reserved that table. They were two of the rudest, compassionless jerks I've encountered.

So we're looking for somewhere to sit, seeing that all of the tables are at least partially occupied (without space for 6), we saw her across the room. There was a woman with coppery short hair, motioning to us that there was room at her table. She and her husband had plenty of room for us.

As we sat down and talked to them, we found out that he is the "new" pastor of the Lancaster First UMC (he's been there a year). Fellow Christians.

We weren't surprised. Especially by the hospitality they showed to the family who needed somewhere to sit. I love it when Christians live out (our) convictions!

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