Sunday, August 22, 2010


This morning I preached on encouragement. And I gave an assignment: to encourage someone every day this week.  I didn't leave it for people to "only" encourage one person; I encouraged them to encourage multiple people.  The cool thing is I saw it start immediately.  Not only did I see people talking to one another, encouraging one another, but I heard it.  I had several people say something encouraging to me, including a really great message left on my answering machine.

Here's the thing: this past week I had some really un-encouraging moments where I got wind of some complaints and gossip.  I had already committed to developing this "Life Together" sermon series and to this sermon in particular, but I was really discouraged.  I thought about blasting a couple shots across the church (verbally, of course), but then I realized that I would be letting two people bring down the entire service (because who really likes to be blasted at by the pastor? I sure don't.  When I hear pastors ranting and raving, even if I agree with their point of view, I'm pretty likely to just shut down).  I'm glad I didn't blast off.  God has some work to do with us, and I believe it starts with us doing life together the way He meant.  The "one another" verses in scripture are a good start.

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