Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reunion Thoughts, part 3, the Actual Reunion

On Saturday evening, we had the "actual" reunion function. It was held at the Booster Club of Kokomo, a general reception hall. They had food and drinks available (I stuck to the lemonade, which was very tasty - you can never be too sure what the lemonade will taste like. Church lemonade is often on the, well, Crystal Lite side).

Someone came up with the clever idea to have our senior pictures on our nametags. I say "clever" because there were plenty of people who had changed significantly enough that I needed some extra help remembering who they were. So at least I could look and see what they used to look like (and possibly jog my memory as to who they were).

The biggest disappointment about Saturday evening is who *wasn't* there. When you've got a class of 500, there will be some no-shows. Some couldn't attend because they had other obligations, other couldn't afford to make the trip, and others just didn't want to go (for various reasons, good or bad). But seeing all of their nametags there was kind of sad. And then there were the ones who had died since 1990. Though I had been friends with several of our deceased classmates, it was saddest to see Joe Kratzer's picture on that board. He had been a good friend, and I know he would have had a good time there.

I mostly spent my time talking, sharing the same story multiple times with multiple people. Sometimes I forgot who knew that we had foster kids. The music was (at times) too loud for good conversation (I got over that "shout over the music" attitude when I was in college), but the DJ played lots of good 80s/early 90s music, and I enjoyed that.

I did end up having some really meaningful conversations that I never expected to have, and that was a highlight of my evening. The entire weekend was worth it just for those moments.

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