Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Far I've Come

Today I would call this "overdressing"
A few years ago, I trained for a spring race, and I mostly trained indoors at the YMCA.  One Saturday I managed to miss the (shortened) hours, and I needed to get a 4 miler in, so I bundled up and went outside for a run.

I wore my wind pants, warmest shirt, vest, hat, and gloves and went out for a run.  The weather was rather nasty; snow spitting and accumulating a little. The funny thing was I was so proud of myself for running in that weather that I took a picture after the run.

A few years later (and after a full winter of training outside), here are my thoughts.  First, I'm embarrassed at how warmly I dressed for this run.  I would never wear those wind pants anymore for a run; they're way too hot.  Likewise for the shirt and the vest; that particular shirt is only good for extremely cold temperatures. I would wear it if the temperature was under 20* and windy. 

Today I would definitely run in that weather without a doubt.  And if the weather was too bad, I would just not worry about it; it was only four miles, after all.  I can't believe that a four miler gave me any pause whatsoever; it's less than any workout I'm even willing to suit up for!

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