Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Run For the Rose 5K

I already wrote up a race report, but I wanted to include some pictures.

Getting Ready to Race
The starting line is always a tricky place - finding a spot that corresponds with your pace can be tricky. I've found that in smaller races, the best place to be is right behind the high school boys cross country teams. In this race, the xc runners weren't out, meaning the best starting place was right up front. You can see me in the middle, stretching out my back, getting ready to race.

The race is on!
My high school coach told me that the first 400 is a freebie: adrenaline will carry you that long. I use the first 400 to break out from the pack - so did a couple of young kids. After that point, the first several runners had already broken away from the others.

After the first mile, I led for a few meters, but the eventual winner passed me and never looked back. You can see the lead he built up and never relinquished as he hits the finish line -I am still rounding the corner behind him.

Coming Down to the Wire
They tell you "don't stop your watch right at the finish line or  you'll get a goofy finish picture." I'd rather have a goofy finish picture and an accurate timing than a great finish picture and forget to stop my watch.
First, second, and third place overall!

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Kym Klass said...

Congrats, Brian! And what a great race and photos!!