Friday, January 02, 2004

New Year's Reflections
I gave some thoughts to what I wanted to share with the high schoolers this year -- I decided on something about 2 Chronicles 25:9 (Tommy Oaks' verse from church camp 1990) and I asked "Is there More than This?" Was there something in 2003 that we didn't let God bless? Did we get in his way when he could have done "much more than this?"

I think this isn't so much a message for "them" as it is for me. There is a lot that God could have done much better than I did it -- simply because I spent my time poorly, or because I complained about it, or because I wanted it my way or the highway.

Anyway, the lock-in ruled. I had so much fun! It's amazing what having 23 adults coming over periods of the night will do. I came out actually happy to have done the lock-in and looking forward to the 30 hour famine...

Why do I blog this? Because sometimes I can be a whiner and I complain too much anyway. It's nice to write something positive instead.

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