Monday, February 09, 2004

It's monday morning. Actually by now it's afternoon and I'm starting to get hungry. I know now why people dislike Monday so much. Or maybe I don't know. See, I dislike Monday because I'm so wiped out from Sunday. I am too tired to be positive. I don't care to be politically correct - watch out! I'll step on your toes and won't care too much that I did! If you could hear the little grumbling that goes on in my brain, you'd probably think I'm a rotton lout. On monday morning, you wouldn't be too far off base.

Sundays exhaust me. Maybe my monday morning is like the Sunday morning of a binge drinker. I have a Sunday hangover, except that my hangover comes from too much ministry (instead of booze). I am exhausted and drained. I don't sleep too well on Sunday night. Now on Monday, I don't have any energy to do a whole lot but complain...

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