Tuesday, March 30, 2004

OK, so there are days when really nothing happens and I can think critically about what is most important and what I could post here. There are other days when I'm out running or working out and I have great time to think on those things. Then there are days like today when so much is going on that I can't stop and think about stuff at all.

Since I don't have that much to write, here's a song I wrote a couple of years ago. Not my best efforts, but not my worst. This is one that gets stuck in my head...
Reminders of You

Reminders of you aren’t a good thing
They remind me of what you really aren’t
Reminders simply play with my memory
Telling old lies to my heart

They tell me that we were so happy
Back then things all were OK
But they always focus on good times
And things weren’t ever that way

Things weren’t like I remember
I can’t even convince myself
Reminders of you aren’t a good thing
They remind me of somebody else.

They tell of a time to remember
A time that I cannot forget
Reminders of a life of illusion
And things that have not happened yet.

If those were the best years of my life
Why isn’t it over yet?
I don’t want to just live a memory
Sometimes I want to forget.

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