Thursday, December 30, 2004

A quote from my e-mail

Today I got an e-mail basically haranguing me for giving clothing and food to someone who came in the church building and asked for it. But the part I wanted to blog about was as follows: Rev. J___ came to all the Outreach/Missions Committee meetings when he was Associate Pastor. I realises (sic) that you were designated as Youth Minister.

Rev. H___ came for part of the last Outreach/Missions Meeting. Let me suggest that you come to the next meeting. I assume that you have career goals beyond Youth Minister. It is never too soon to start growing.

Hope to see your
(sic) there.

Do I have a right to be ticked off at this e-mail? I mean, think about it... "career goals" ?!?!?! Since when did I enter into this ministry as a "career"? And what might my "career goals" be? My goal is to influence people to follow Jesus Christ, and the cutting edge of that ministry is with young people. How many studies do I have to show to demonstrate that a majority of Christians made their decisions as young people? And "It is never too soon to start growing" -- what did he mean by that? As if I'm not growing... what a jerk.

If I don't have the right to be ticked off, I am anyway.

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PA said...

Yes, this is highly annoying. But I don't think there is anything to do about it.

I don't know you're church but in mine I make every effort to go outside of the youth area a lot just to show my care for other areas. Not because I have to but because I see it as part of building others up.

Maybe there is some truth in the sentiment... but the career part is just a funny misunderstanding of your vocation.

People assume that no one could actually like doing youth ministry nor would the ever consider it a highly esteemed job... so they belittle it.

I usually answer this critique by comparing their job to something else "higher." Like if they are a nurse ask them when they will be a doctor? Or if the are a teacher, when will the become the principal? It helps people see that their comparison is dumb.