Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What a long, strange New Year it's been...

I don't quite know where to start on what's gone on in my life over the past week or two, but here goes... Christmas Eve was nice, besides being cold and icy (and for many people, a time without electricity). I even enjoyed my "new job responsibility" as I chopped away at the ice on the front steps and entryway. I told everyone "My job description includes that little phrase 'and other duties as assigned' and this is just one of those other duties." It gave me a chance to be the first welcoming voice to everyone coming in (and I was able to help people to not slip on the ice!).

We went over to Indy (really Noblesville) on Sunday after sparsely attended worship services and our family Christmas was nice... then we got the word that GP had died. GP was Tara's grandfather, and he had been bad for a while and we were praying that he would just get it over with so he could be with Jesus (not to mention the reunion with his wife). So Tara went up to Chicago, and i hitched a ride back to C-bus. Almost literally. My sister took me to Richmond, IN, and friends picked me up there. Then we went to a hockey game and watched Ohio State pound the crap out of Minnesota State. Then back to watch the Ohio State bowl game (they actually looked like a tough team there).

Then Thursday night at 12:37 am, I got the call from Tara that she had miscarried. I'm still kind of bummed about it, though she's doing really well. It was tough for me to be here and she was all the way in Chicago, and I couldn't see her until after the New Year.

The New Year's lock-in was a joke. There were only like 11 kids there. Most everyone went to another party (that the ones who showed weren't invited to). I was pretty disappointed in the youth council leaders because most of them (all but 3) decided to skip. What gets me about that is that the lock-in is the best time for them to bring friends (and has been good for that in the past), but if they aren't coming, how can they bring their friends? Grumble mutter fuss.

Then we went to Indy again for Mark's baptism... good time! But I went up to Kokomo first to see David Carey (picture to come soon) and to meet his wife. It was great seeing him and his family, especially since they were like my second family through all of middle school and high school. David's dad is in nursing care, and it was tough seeing him there, especially since he's always been so self-sufficient and strong. I could tell that it really pained him, too.

Well, this is long enough that I can't expect you to really read it all. But it's what has happened since I last reported. Have a happy New Year!

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