Thursday, January 13, 2005

Is this the end?

The picture I was given yesterday by the SP makes me feel like John Cooper, the former Ohio State Buckeye football coach. He did a lot of good things, but couldn't beat Michigan. I've done my good things, but I haven't drawn a crowd. The SP is hearing the voice of the armchair quarterbacks and it doesn't look good. Basically he's given the ultimatum; if I don't beat Michigan, I'm cooked.

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PA said...

I know the feeling. We were once in that seat. First, I pray that it's not true and you don't have to beat Michigan. Worldly success never is the same as success in God's eyes.

Second, if the leaders don't get that... you're not the right guy for them. They may need a comedian or a juggler or a cruise director, but they don't need a pastor.

If I were you, I'd quietly begin to talk to folks about heading out of Dodge City. You know it does take a while! Let me know if there's any help I can offer.

Above all, pray that it's not true!