Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A funny conversation about Youth Sunday:

You might know that this past Sunday was Youth Sunday. It was great. The kids did a really good job in preparation adn their testimonies were fantastic. They wrote, directed, and performed two skits, probably the best I've seen. I know the Spirit was there...

Today an older couple came in and told me how great they thought it was. They were really impressed. But the funny part came when they told me, "I wouldn't want to hear that music every week, but it was OK for youth Sunday." (mind you, it was the band I'm in that was playing)

So my response was a stage whisper (behind a pile of papers I'd just picked up from the printer), "Now you know how I feel about the organ!"

Oh, and in case you didn't already make this realization, I wasn't the one who put up the sign (below). In fact, it wasn't even my picture; I snagged it from another blog. Just wanted to come clean about that. But I still think it's hysterical.

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