Thursday, March 03, 2005

Escaped with our skin

Tonight's "soccer" game was a bummer. Not because we lost, as we didn't lose. Not because my scoring streak was broken, even though it was. Not because we didn't have any subs, though this contributed to our sloppy play. It was a bummer because the team we played was a bunch of thugs. I could almost swear I heard John Cheney call one guy on their team "a bigger goon than Nehemiah Ingram." It was that bad.

I got slammed into the wall multiple times, and usually it was from behind. When I'm shielding the ball, or when I've gotten past someone, and they hit me into the wall, it shows that they're not interested in playing real ball. It shows that they are thugs and goons, only interested in hurting their opponent.

Anyway, we won 6-5, I think, or 5-4. I didn't score, though I had a couple of secondary assists. (yeah, right, that's just a way for Americans to have more statistics to count, a way to make soccer more palatable to a public that doesn't understand it). So my scoring streak was halted. But we still won.

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