Friday, March 11, 2005

Memory Lane

The other day, I was remarking about how I had gotten a call from Bill - now, Bill is one of only a couple of friends who has made an effort to keep in touch since high school graduation (I can only think of maybe a half dozen who I've really even been in touch with since then). I said something along the lines of: at least he's a good friend, unlike that bum Garrick, who hasn't called me back. Imagine my surprise when Tara tells me, "Oh, yeah, he called last night."

So I called him and we talked for quite a while. It was really great, a nice trip down memory lane. Remembering our buddy Mel, the horrible jobs we had at CMI, stupid things our fraternity brothers did (fraternity brothers who now seem like useful productive members of society), showing up at the House to eat free food and drink all the pop we wanted before and after hitting the weight room (but we weren't Frerker-freeloader Norm Peterson-types).

So Garrick's getting married in 2006, and he might want me to do the ceremony. I'll have to see what it will take and if it will be possible. I like the idea, though.

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PA said...

Wow, now that I think of it... it's been a decade since I last heard from many of my HS chums. I wish it were different but it also reminds me to help my students keep their friendships in perspective.