Saturday, June 11, 2005

If you picked me for your fantasy soccer team this week...

You're in a world of hurt. My normal team won by forfeit, propelling us into the championship game next weekend, but because we didn't play, I played as a sub on WM's team in an open men's league. Wow. We started the game shorthanded with at least four players from the previous game, and the opponents were much younger than us. Probably 12 years on average.

I had one half-way decent shot, not quite on target but close. I had a nice pass to a player whose shot was snuffed by the keeper. I had a great corner kick that went through the entire team. Other than that, well, I hustled. Most of the time.

On to other news: the garage sale is over. It was pretty brutal. Today was pretty much a wasted day as far as garage sales go. We just wanted to get rid of stuff, and if it weren't for SS and his wife, we probably wouldn't have sold anything. Yeah, it was that bad. We did give away The Couch (yeah, the sleeper sofa) to a family who is going to give it to a homeless family. That was a good thing. Especially that P@ was willing to help me move it. Of course, after we told her she could have it, there were numerous offers for it, including someone who came back practically waving the cash for me.

We ended up making $150 or so. So-so, when you consider that it was the profits of 16 hours work. Well, a lot of it wasn't really work. Sitting around talking to SS isn't that bad. Friday we had more people, but they didn't buy much anyway. I'm glad that Half Price Books was kind (enterprising?) enough to give me $30 for the LPs I got from the Chi Phi attic.

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