Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Last Hurrah

Tonight was the last hurrah for the SonRise Praise Band. We got together to jam, not to practice, just to jam. Brian, Mike, Denny, and I showed up, like old times, and just played. We did a song I wrote as well as "Not to Us" and "Everything that has Breath" and "I will Exalt Your Name." It was extremely loud. Just like we like it.

Afterwords, I didn't want to leave. These guys are my brothers. We've made some great music together. Some extremely loud music. I think we blew some people away (Gary, for one!), but we played the music because we loved it and because we meant it. Brian had it right when he said, "I think it's a good thing that we'll start a completely new Contemporary service. It wouldn't be the same without (Denny and me)."

When we finally got the roadies to move our equipment -- oh, yeah, we are our own roadies -- so when we finally moved our equipment, it was raining outside. And there in the eastern sky was a rainbow.

A fitting end, we agreed. God looking down on us and smiling.

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