Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Commute (ala the Dunce) uilding (where I also work).

Starting out of the house, I head toward route 29 (and the traffic light). I often cut across the street and through *the alley* but I won't show that route so as not to worry Grandma (who was always worried about us going through the alley in Atlanta, Indiana).

Now I've crossed the street at the light and am headed south on 29. You might note that it's right around noon on a weekday, hence the plethora of parked cars near the Main Street Station, where all the locals go for lunch.

Past Main Street (people drop "Station" when they're talking about the restaurant), and past the city hall (not an interesting building, so I didn't take a picture of it; if you want to see the phone booth that stands in front of city hall, check back a few posts), we find the post office. I actually went out into the street so you could have a better view of this building. The white car parked in front of the post office nearly ran me over (ok, so really, I just had to wait while that person was parking the car so I wouldn't be in the way, but it sounds better if I was nearly run over). You can see the church building in the background (two doors down from the post office).

Now you've arrived at the church building. Congratulations. You made it!


The Dunce said...

I really like your commute pictures. You should think about riding your bike; it'd probably cut your commuting time in half.

Is it true that the stoplight (pictured) is the only one in town, as suggested by this article:

And do barns really outnumber businesses 10-1?

And most importantly, who got the better deal in the Eschmeyer trade:

Traded by the Warriors to the Dallas Mavericks along with Erick Dampier, Dan Dickau, and the draft rights to Steve Logan in exchange for Eduardo Najera and Christian Laettner, the draft rights to guards Luis Flores and Mladen Sekularac, two future first round draft picks and cash considerations on 8/24/04.

'neice said...

Love the pix!

So...I am looking at the links for the blogs of friends and I am not one of need to put the blogring info on here as well! :)

'neice said...

You so rock!

Derek said...

Interesting commute. I guess it never really sank in with me before just how small your new surroundings are. Kudos to you, bro. I don't think I'd be able to do it. And I wish I knew why you couldn't post comments on my blog.

p.s. Nice new layout. Looks familiar, all the way down to the pictures and everything! LOL

BiG Mama said...

hey, your prayer blog doesn't leave room to post comment if one isn't a blogger. Perhaps you would get comments if there were a way...

I'm excited about this type ministry.