Monday, August 08, 2005

Inside the NK UMC building

On the main street side of the church, we have a sign telling our meeting times; I like the John Wesley quote, so I've had it there for several weeks now. I might want to change it to go with our Jonah theme I'm doing this month, but that would take finding a good quote or something to go there.

We have some lovely stained glass windows. I think I'm the one who gets to enjoy them most, because they are in the back of the sanctuary. Therefore people can see them from the outside (not a great view) or when they look behind themselves during services. I, on the other hand, get to see them the whole time. I especially like them when I'm practicing my songs during the week.

The second window is my favorite. That's the one I mostly look toward while I'm playing my guitar.

The sanctuary is sloped down toward the stage, which isn't very good for those who have trouble walking, but it is good for sight-lines. Since many people sit toward the back, they can still see. You can barely see the mighty pipe organ in the right corner of the picture. It is quite the instrument.

So now it's like you've not only visited my one-stoplight town, but also my church. Since you've visited the church, would you please sign the guest register so I can count you as attending?


The Sister said...

I very much enjoyed this week's services. Thank you to all the church members who made me feel so welcome.

The Dunce said...

I have visited as well. Sorry about the defaced visitor cards, the noise in the back, and the general mischief. What goes around comes around.

(x) I would like a home visit.


James ("Jim") Shooze

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed the music at this weeks services. Do you take requests?

P.S. Could you please do something about the boys at the back. They would not stop squirming and giggling at the back. My husband thinks they were carving santanic messages in the pews. "OZZY", whatever that might mean.

Mrs Dunce (no relation, honestly)

'neice said...

Thanks for sharing all this, Brian! I love the windows...and I thought ours were awesome! :)

BiG Mama said...

I forgot to sign the guest register while there: could you sign it for me???? And now I can sign this one too--and STOP DROPPING THOSE HYMNALS!!