Thursday, October 27, 2005

So it's not officially Halloween yet -- that's OK. But tonight was NK's trick-or-treat night. Some of my faithful readers will know how my family celebrated this holiday. When we were little, we dressed up and went out for goodies (I even remember going to a Halloween party in which the three Worley brothers were all dressed as Batman), but as we got older, we mostly shunned the holiday.

Sort of.

I remember when we had a bonfire in the backyard while the neighborhood kids went around demanding loot. At least once we hid out inside. Another time, the Dunce and I hid in a tree in the front yard to hopefully scare someone. I did succeed in dropping a smoke bomb in someone's trick-or-treat bag (the word "trick" isn't in the title for nothing, I suppose).

Later in life, we spent a Halloween at Grandma's in Atlanta, Indiana (a town smaller than NK, by the way). The ruffians came over from Arcadia to spoil everything, but we had other plans. We wore masks to help Granny give out candy, and later, when the Arcadians were surely there, we hid in the bushes and scared them away.
The last few years, we lived in a parking lot and didn't have a whole lot of use for Halloween. Sure, we visited friends and helped them pass out candy, but nothing big. This year, however, Halloween was a completely different animal. A bee, to be exact.
We wandered around town, following the hordes to various houses for candy. Let me tell you - there's no better way I could have imagined spending my Thursday evening than with my wife and little dude, walking around town, collecting goodies. No, I wouldn't have traded that for anything.


Anonymous said...


'neice said...

Too cute!

The Sister said...

Very cute little bee. Hope no one got STUNG.
(Though how in the world has he already been trick-or-treating when 1) It's not yet Halloween and 2) It's not even the weekend before???

The Dunce said...

As I recall, not only did we hide in a tree to scare someone, we also hid in the bushes with a hose, ready to soak any potential "trick"ers with cold water (I don't believe anyone was soaked, however). And I seem to remember hiding in a parked car, in the vain hope that someone would try to soap the windows, at which time we could jump out and scare the bejitters out of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey it was so good to hear from you on my blog. Drop me an email so we can catch up. How is Tara? And you have a little one. How awesome. We miss you guys!


Brian Eberly said...

Cutest bee I've ever seen!!

BiG Mama said...

Definitely a Honey Bee! How very precious!!

jason said...

that is one cute kid, must have gotten that from his mom. ha! i'm trying to come visit you guys some sunday, but weekends and cars suck, so it may not be for a while. peace n' love