Monday, November 07, 2005

A Glossary

With all due apologies to the Dunce, here is a partial glossary of the terms known and used by Little.

Bah – ball
Baaa – Peek a boo
doG,doddie, sooter – dog
dodo – telephone
didi – blanket
dots – trucks
surril – squirrel
bat bah – bath time
oxs – socks
ooes – shoes
duh – Ronda
mama – mom
dada – dad (or sometimes mom)

1 comment:

The Sister said...

Some of these are okay.
Ronda is tickled, right?
but "dodo" for telephone? (okay, phone. do. I'm almost there.)
DIDI??? blanket? I will have to add Mark's glossary when my website comes back.