Thursday, November 10, 2005

The ideal Christmas Gift

I'll admit it. When people told me, "If you're bad, you'll get coal in your Christmas stocking," I wondered where the catch was. I always wanted to get coal for Christmas. I loved coal. It was really neat looking. When I went to Grandma's house, I always loved to go rooting around the old barn, where I could always find coal. I would bring a couple of pieces home in a little paper bag (usually along with a feather or two), and I would put the bag in my trunk.


nate said...

my uncle Jeff (the one you have met) once gave my young cousins (his nieces) coal for christmas. It was hillarious. One got really upset and cried for a long time. My dad was a coal miner and so was my grandpa (who died when i was really young). I was always around coal. I agree coal is kind of neat.

BiG Mama said...

You must have quite a cache by now. Do you still have it?