Friday, December 23, 2005


I haven't updated recently because I've been crazy busy, especially writing sermons for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year conveniently falling on consecutive days. I tried to get them to move Christmas Eve to a more convenient time, but I was vetoed.

Anyway, the hardest parts of planning the two sermons are: (a) that they are back-to-back; (b) that they are Christmas Eve/Christmas sermons; and (c) that I'm not sure what to expect as far as attendance. For (a), the sermons need to be different enough that people aren't bored, thinking, "I just heard this last night." For (b) they have to be interesting enough that people don't say, "This is boring; it's always the same thing every year" but keeping in mind that the message itself is the same every year. For (c), I'm sure we'll have a full house for Christmas eve, but I don't know how many will come back in the morning...

As you might know, yesterday was Jonathan's eye surgery. It seemed to have gone well, and Jonathan's doing fine. So fine that he had a milestone today. I was expecting something a little more dramatic, but we were all taking a nap, and I heard some strange sounds coming from across the hall. Then I heard the distinct sound of Christmas music. From a little music box. Which he didn't take to bed with him. The wife denied leaving his crib door open, which meant that he had gotten out otherwise. Then I saw his door open. He was definitely out! I went in and checked, and the crib door was still closed -- meaning that he had gone over the top. I was expecting to hear a thud when that happened for the first time.

We had some more Christmas celebrating with friends last night, which was fun. Jonathan got more books -- the kid is a regular bookworm, which is a great thing. He loves to read (meaning that he'll fit in great around here)!

The Chuckinator and I also went to see some friends, and I haven't laughed so hard as we laughed there. I think Ben has it all on video. Yikes. There go any potential political aspirations right down the tubes. I think the worst was when the Chuckinator started suggesting that we might become sick upon consumption of the eggnog -- possibly because it was a Kroger manager's special $.50 carton of eggnog. From 1987. Aging properly out in the shed for all those years. Well, maybe not. It was pretty good, if you like that kind of stuff. I almost sprayed it, however, when we were laughing so hard.

Anyway, I am wiped out because we stayed up too late, and because we drove home, and because I had a wedding this evening, and because it's past my bedtime (9:00) and because I'm anticipating tomorrow night having an 11:00 pm service (hehehehehe someone told me the service looked "too short" -- I don't think I've ever heard that before when related to a church service).

If I don't post before then, have a very merry Christmas!


Big Mama said...

You certainly made a thud when you went out the first time and ended up in the ER. One of many times! Now what? Do you leave his bed door open?

Thank you, Thank you!! I think I got my blog up and going!

'neice said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Brian!

Chuckinator said...

Those bushes are never going to some out in the spring! I hope the neighbors don't mind! The Thief looks awwsome with egg nog coming out of his nose!