Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long Posts

I've noticed that I have a tendency to write ADHD mode pretty frequently; that is, to include details about all sorts of things within one post. Would it make reading easier if I were to instead write multiple posts, each with one topic?

Please let me know, oh faithful readers!


Big Mama said...

I love your posts just as they are. And they are frequent: aids to MY ADHD! Though shorter ones would be OK too. Any details that I find too long just make me read faster!

Big Mama said...

I made you a comment but it hasn't shown up yet. Thanks for your help with my blog: I think it is up! Now how do I get these funny letters you all have at the bottom?

Maybe I can do it but it didn't make one come up when I first tried a couple of days ago.

the sister said...

It's your blog, dude. Write as you wish. I have yet to copy edit it. :) (I don't even have the desire to do so...)

Brian Eberly said...

Keep writing just the way you do. I always enjoy reading it. I enjoy connecting with other pastors, like youself, around the country. Keep it up!

Oh...Merry CHRISTmas!

Der Dunce said...

I'd say it depends a lot what you are trying to do with your blog. If you were trying to gain as large an audience as possible, I would recommend that you write multiple posts, each confined to a single topic.

Additionally, it seems that political blogs have the largest audiences, so you would want to stop writing about personal things and instead write simplistic posts bashing the opposition (this can be done from whichever side you choose). Remember, reasoned debate has no place in the blogosphere.

In other words, I'd say stick to the multi-content posts. They're much more personal and (to me) interesting. I'd rather read a post that includes a digression or two than one that sticks to a single topic.