Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Good Day Was Had by All

First of all, I've got the creeping crud. Jonathan's croup transformed into a really nice cold-kind of disease for the rest of the family (though Jonathan seems to be feeling fine by now).

So anyway, you probably already know that today is the busiest day of my week, being Sunday and all. Since I hardly had any voice at all, I decided in advance that I would not sing with the choir this week. However, I had not planned for anyone else to do the praise songs, so I boldly prepared for them. At least the two we were doing were pretty well-known ("Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" and "You are My King"), and I think most people know "Create in Me a Clean Heart" by now as we have done it as a prayer song pretty frequently.

Well, normal things happened early, but after Sunday School, I noticed that Communion wasn't set up. Well, they must be downstairs getting it ready, right? Nope. Whoops; I guess they forgot that this was the first of the month!

There was grape juice in the fridge, and Helen or Mindy (I don't remember which one) found a loaf of bread in the freezer, and Mindy thawed it out in the mircowave (we were both a little fearful that it wouldn't turn out well). It turned out great. It was just a little rushed.

Then in service, I had to announce that I wasn't trying to be rude in not shaking anyone's hands; I just didn't want them to get what I had. I used hand sanitizer multiple times through the morning, especially before I broke the bread! I also drank plenty of water (including the cup that Dick brought to me in the middle of the service and the one I snuck over to get while the choir was singing). That didn't help me to get through my sermon without croaking. Well, I didn't croak-croak. It was more like frog croaking.

After service and a delicious lunch (it was good to see Jonathan with his appetite back!), everyone retired for naps. Ahhhhhhh. There's nothing so good as a nap in front of an AFL game. I stayed in bed for about 3 hours while the little guy slept. That's what Sunday afternoons were meant for!!

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