Tuesday, March 14, 2006

...Or Maybe Not

As I've mentioned, today was the day for my interviews for full connection. I had turned my paperwork in, I'm in-process with my additional seminary classes (in the last one currently), and I was confident that my interviews would go well.

Except that what I didn't know could hurt me. For the required psychological evaluations, I sent information in to Nashville for processing; what I didn't know (and hadn't asked anyone about) was that there was a battery of tests to be completed before this paperwork was to go to Nashville. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have asked someone about it.

But I didn't.

So I drove to Columbus only to be told (right before we were to go in) that I couldn't interview because my folder wasn't complete.

What does this mean?

In the practice of ministry it doesn't mean anything. I will continue to minister in my congregation as I have another year to get that part done. I can refine the contents of my "folder" over the year and can show the Board that I'm serious about it.

What does it really mean? I told my friends that it means that I get to have my own party next year and none of my friends will have to choose which party to go to (I probably won't actually even have a party, but that's another story). No, really, it means that I have to get my act together. I have been pitiful at following through on detail work, and that's no good.

One thing I realized as I was debriefing this experience. I kind of feel like Lane Meyer from Better Off Dead -- while his brother, Badger, could make a working space shuttle out of household items, Lane couldn't do anything right. He did, however, eventually end up beating Roy Stalin in a ski race from the K-12, champ, but he had his first taste of success racing the two Japanese guys once he (and Monique, mostly Monique) got his Camaro running. I need a small taste of success. That's all I need. Months ago I was faced with beating Michigan in the big game; I didn't even get a chance to play that game. Now all I want is to beat Yee Sook and Chen Ree (by the way, why do they get named in the credits when they are never actually called by name in the movie?).


The Dunce said...

Dear Sir,

I don't know what sort of psychological evaluations are required, but if they give you old-fashioned tests like Rorschach or others which require open-ended responses, pretend you see something other than gruesome murder scenes.

And another piece of advice: part of the refinement of the contents of your "folder" should include removal of your "tasteful adult photos". Even if they are extremely flattering.

Anonymous said...

I see about 6 success stories every week back here in Gibsonburg. So, they're there. Maybe, you haven't painted the Last Supper yet,; but, there is a masterpiece being painted every day!

Mary Beth said...


That stinks. One of the major complaints about BOMs in several conferences that I've heard of is that they're terrible about keeping candidates informed about the contents of their folders. You should have been told about that long ago. There's just so much detail in the process that you should be able to count on someone else to help you keep with it. I'm so sorry that happened to you...but you'll be extra-prepared next year!

Be well!

Mary Beth

Brian Eberly said...

Sorry to hear how that is all gong for you. At least your mom didn't blow up!

"Sorry your mom blew up RIcky."

I love "Better off Dead!" What a great movie!

jason said...

are you gonna be around march 26? that seems to be one of the few free weekends i have the rest of this year. either then or the weekend after that i may come visit you and tara and the little guy.

Big Mama said...

you ARE a success story! WE are very proud of you even if you don't handle details as well as you would like to. I think a success story would be your next blog!!!