Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vocabulary, Part 3

Jonathan's vocabulary has exploded! He has so many words that I can't hope to list them all here. Many of them are really clear, other words sound very similar to one another, and, well, then there are the ones that I'm sure he's made up for himself.

Some of his words are as follows:
Tractor (sounds very similar to "cracker" and "doctor") = Tactowr
Digger (any construction vehicle) = Didi (not to be confused with DeeDee, which is blanket)
Church = Chuch
Pig = Pig
Dog = Dog (including Doo-wah, (emphasis on first syllable) which is Scooter)
Cow = Moo (Ox is still Ots)
Sheep = Baaaaaa
Duck = Duck
Bear = Buwr (and it says "Raaaa")
Lion = Lion (also says "Raaa" but a little more forcefully than a bear)
Beak = Beak (I'm not totally convinced that he knows what a beak is, but he's pretty good about pointing to a bird's beak when he says beak. But I've also got him saying, "Mommy's beak" - and I'm not sure what he means by it!)
Grapes = Bootsch (If you can figure out the connection, let me in on it!)
Baby = Baby (one of his favorite words)
Train = Tain (he got to see one up close today)
Water = Water
Dirt = Dirt or Awww, Mess
Aw Nuts = Aw Nuts (as in: Daddy say Aw Nuts!)
Buddy = Buddy (I call him Buddy all the time)
Movie = Moosh (still)
Shoes = Dootsch
Potty = Potty (Yesterday on a 22 minute trip to Lima, he talked the whole way about the dog pottying. It was pretty exciting for him to get to see that!)
Orange = Orch (this is for the fruit as well as the color. He identified an orange bath crayon as "orch" the other day and has been pretty consistent with it!)

This isn't even half of his vocabulary, but I would take forever trying to compile it all. He says so much, including truck, car, Amen, sock, boat, apple, nanny (for banana and grandma Jan), and his favorite cousin: Mak.

He has also mastered Yes (as well as No, which was one of his first words) and now he is good at putting possessives together (as in Mommy's bace = Mommy's brace and Daddy's dootsch = Daddy's shoe).

And, did I mention that he can say his name? You have to know that's what he's saying, but it's really cute.


Anonymous said...

You forgot one of the most important words he can say-- "Lisa" and it is very clear. I would say that is one smart boy!

Ronda said...

Thanks for the update!! What a smart cutie you have! Tell him "Dah" says hello! :)

Mary Beth said...


Good luck tomorrow! My prayers are with you!

Mary Beth