Friday, March 17, 2006

A Sports Post

Normally you could read my blog and wonder if I have any contact with the outside world. I don't. Well, I get the Wapak paper about a day or two late every day. So I guess I don't have any contact with the outside world.

I'm amazed again at how seriously the small town takes high school basketball. Seriously. I wanted to go to an NK game, but who's going to babysit when the entire freaking town is at the game?!?!?! I was laughing at an editorial in the Wapak paper urging businesses to let their employees out at 3 to cheer for the team as they left for their tournament game (yesterday?). I'm not just knocking this area; I remember things being similar when I was a kid in Kokomo.

As for the NCAA tournament -- I heard a lot of complaining about who made it into the tournament. I was listening to Cincinnati radio on Monday after my class, and they called UC's omission fraud, travesty, tragedy, injustice, horrible, and some other choice terms. They also talked about a couple of other teams that "should have" made it in. If they had maybe won more games, then maybe they would have made it in.

And as for the USA being ranked #5 by FIFA... ranks are cheap. Let's see that rank played out on the field in the World Cup.


The Dunce said...

Heh. I remember driving back from the Northwestern-USC Rose Bowl game, hearing some sports radio guy in Oklahoma going on about the Heisman Trophy. Which was not won by the Oklahoma player that year, an offense the sports radio guy deemed "A crime against humanity".

The Thief said...

Ahhh, Nebraska was the team in question; it was Tommy Frazuh who "should have" won the Heisman that year. And the fellows in the place where we had breakfast the next morning were livid.