Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Good Walk

As you might know, I do some of my best praying when on the move. Probably because I have something to keep me occupied and pretty well without distractions. I used to love going to the Kentucky River Palisades State Park for prayer walks...

A few weeks ago, I walked to St. Mary's. Today I walked to New Bremen (and back, of course). I had a great time with God. I was reminded just how important prayer is, not just for me, but for our entire church.

I walked along the road for most of the route, but when I got to Lock Two, I decided to walk along the Miami & Erie Canal towpath. Obviously this map doesn't have all of the other pertinent details (like New Knoxville), but I followed the path from point 21 (Lock Two) almost to point 23 (Lock One). One notable feature was where a little creek went under the canal. I sat there for a while and rested.

Well, Jonathan wants me to draw him a bumble bee, so I'm finished with this.

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