Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some Thoughts on Dis-Connection

In his book Contemplative Youth Ministry, Mark Yaconelli cites anthropologist Angeles Arrien as relating that "in many indigenous cultures, a dis-spirited or dis-connected person is diagnosed by asking four questions:
  • Where in your life did you stop singing?
  • Where in your life did you stop dancing?
  • Where in your life did you stop telling stories?
  • Where in your life did you stop listening to silence?

I still sing, but I am kind of embarrassed to dance in public. The only dance I am good at is break dancing, except I don't try head spins anymore (I remember once I was out at the soccer field demonstrating how to spin on my head and I got grass stains in my hair). I do dance in the privacy of my own home (or car) especially to 80s music. Jonathan loves the "Ice Ice Baby" dance.

If I ever stop telling stories, you can take me out back and bury me. That's a sure way to know that I've kicked the bucket. Maybe sometimes I even tell too many stories.

As for listening to silence, I think I usually drown it out. Right now the dog is making sure that there's no such thing as silence -- I think he's trying to get even with me for giving him a bath. But anyway, since that's the one that I'm worst about, I'll work on listening to silence. I didn't exactly give up anything for Lent; maybe I'll give up some noise for Easter.


Brian said...

I have learned recently of the great value of silence. It's hard to do, but oh so good and important.

I'll be quiet now...

Lorna said...

a couple of thoughts

erm dancing for God in PRIVATE is the place to start. Your self-consciousness dissipates as you focus on Him.


as for silence ... it's hard for us who have had silence used as a weapon against us (or used it ourselves) ...

Blake said...

Do you take off your ephod and dance before the Lord as David did?

Not sure David did it to Vanilla Ice though