Friday, April 21, 2006

This post could be ten pages long

I haven't written much here for a while; I've been mighty busy... obviously. Holy Week and Easter kind of make up the Super Bowl of the church year (I still laugh about Gary taking Holy week as a vacation). Then we took a mini-vacation to "detox" from the insanity.

Now that I'm back, I thought I might share some of the mini-vacation highlights with you, my faithful readers.

Of course, Easter just wouldn't be Easter without the obligatory dressing up. Jonathan wore a great little outfit; here he is playing the piano after our church breakfast:

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In fact, we decided that would be a great place for a family picture.

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After services, we headed for a visit with our friends. One of my highlights was sitting around with the Chuckinator and talking theology. I really miss that. Not necessarily the theological discussions, but the discussions altogether. He is doing some awesome evangelism; how, you might ask? By living a God-centered life and demonstrating the peace of God.

We also had an awesome Easter gathering with our Ohio "family" including an Easter egg hunt (Jonathan actually "gets" egg hunts these days).

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We then headed west for a visit with Jonathan's cousin "Mak" (that's "Mark" for all of you non-Jonathan-speakers) and "At Jen-Jen" (again, "Aunt Jenny" for the non-Jonathan-speakers). The boys had a blast together. Jonathan especially enjoyed spending time at the park, but the zoo was pretty special, too.

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Back home, things are back to normal. Whatever normal is. We're looking forward to our vacation, to the Grand Canyon, to Jonathan's birthday (don't let the chronology fool you; he's already in the "wonderful twos"), and to a visit to the Chyckkyn Rantch.


Mary Beth said...

Congrats on surviving Holy Week! I think pastors (especially us sole pastors) should get together on Monday after Easter and just sit around and pat each other on the back. Glad you got to relax and enjoy yourselves!

Andrew said...

Don't forget "Gary with a mullet"

At Jen-Jen said...

"At Jen-Jen" sure had fun with Jonathan ... and his folks ... and watching him and "Mak" play together. THOSE TWO ARE GOING TO CAUSE SOME SERIOUS TROUBLE IN A YEAR OR TWO....

Ronda said...

We ALWAYS enjoy our time together! BOTH of us!!!! LOVE the pictures!