Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bessebowl Has Been Veddy Veddy Good to Me

Of course, anyone in my family would recognize that quote as coming from the cousin formerly known as ~ (that's the sound of a french fry going through mashed potatoes), as ~ successfully reduced all adults to laughter at his hilarious imitation of what he had seen on TV.

Anyway, that aside, I'm not a baseball fan. I never played the game (not even T-ball), and I was never all that good in softball (especially on strategy). I don't care for a pitcher's duel; I'd rather have a home-run derby.

That said, last night found me with friends at Dime a Dog Night with the Columbus Clippers. Yes, Dime a Dog Night is when thousands of normally rational, sane, adults decide to spend what they normally would spend on ballpark food all on $.10 hot dogs (with a limit of 5 per person per trip to the concession stand). It's a riot.

Though the weather was extremely hot all day, it was actually pleasant at the ballpark; the seats seemed to all be in the shade, and sometime during the game, the sun set. I didn't notice when that actually happened due to the exciting nature of the baseball game. It was 4-3, Clippers, going into the 9th inning, when the Bison(s) scored 3. So we figured, it's already been over 3 hours, so the Clippers lose, big deal. Except they scored 2 to tie. So we go into extra innings. We meaning the fans and the Bison(s). They scored 6 runs as the Clippers trotted out "the fans from the stands" as relief pitchers. The Clippers made it look respectable by scoring 3 of their own in the bottom of the 10th, making the final score 12-9.

But that's not all! There were fireworks to be watched! Which is why there were still tons of young children, school aged and younger, who were still at the ballpark at this time of the evening... after 11:30 pm. On a school night. The brilliant parents behind us were wondering why their kids were acting up. Because they're tired!! Duh!

By the way, in case you were wondering, I sold my car and used all of the proceeds to purchase hot dogs. You can't find a better bargain than $.10 hot dogs! Never mind that I don't really care for hot dogs, and never mind that the famous "Wally" wasn't the one selling them. They were only $.10 each!


The Sister said...

You mean Ronda allowed herself to be in the same venue as Wally??? NO! SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Chuckinator said...

I was CRUSHED not to see Wally last night! But, all in all it was an GREAT time! I wish that Dime-a-Dog night was EVERY night! Long Live Wally!!!

Ronda said...

No, no, no "sister"---I checked - I KNEW H.D. Wally wouldn't be there or I wouldn't have gone!!! :)

muzik316 said...

hotdogs... no likey u? you ever get to panama city i'll treat you to tom's hotdogs. besides being the best dog place i have ever ate at the owner is a mac user. speaking of dogs their burgers are to die for.

Dunce said...

I assume you've dedicated a room of your house to hot dog storage.

Anyway, I hate bessebowl and was so glad to move to a country where coverage of the sport is limited to, errrr, maybe a line in the news when the World Series is decided. But going to see a game is a different animal indeed.

Ronda said...

No, I LOVE hot dogs - the kind you eat! Actually, the cheaper the better! (stadium and school hot dogs are the best!) It's the stuffed one I HATE!!! Chuckinator has a pic of him on his comment and here's a link (I hope) to where he described the traumatic event... http://chuckiedartt.blogspot.com/2006/03/happy-monday-mrs-has-exhibited-fear-of.html