Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who's Coming to Dinner?

Over on YMX forums, the question was raised: if you could invite any five people for dinner, living or dead (with the exception of Bible characters, because it's too easy to choose them), who would you invite?

I chose the following:

  1. Uncle Eddie: He was always really funny and made me laugh a lot. He was tragically killed by a drunk driver way too young, but he was a great guy. I think he'd have made everyone laugh. And he'd probably show up on a Harley. If he comes for dinner, I'll definitely serve cherry tomatoes because he grew them in his garden. I remember they were all red and ripe and everyone was going on about how sweet they were. Now, I heard that they were sweet, and I heard that they were cherry tomatoes, so I just had to try one. Ick. It tasted like a tomato. But Uncle Eddie let me throw it in the street, so then I was happy again!
  2. Pele: Only the greatest soccer player of all time.

    I remember doing a biography report on him in fourth grade after reading "My Life and the Beautiful Game" and I knew that was who I wanted to be like. As an aside, my brother and I still quote from the book when we call one another (or any athlete who's had a bad play "you bum! You woodenleg!" -- of course, young Pele's response to that was to grab a brick to bolster his courage and say "Who are you calling bum? Who are you calling woodenleg? A bum is what your mother is!").
  3. While I'm at it, I'd invite my brother. He lives across the pond, so I don't get to see him much. (Of course, if he's coming over for dinner, I imagine that a whole family dinner won't be too far off. Just as long as the sister doesn't bring that nasty liquid thanksgiving dinner again, we'll all be happy!!)
  4. Michael Pritzl: What dinner would be complete without an underrated rock star? Not only does he write thoughtful and creative lyrics, but he's a really humble, down-to-earth guy. Plus I could maybe convince him to jam after dinner.
  5. Philip Yancey: He is a great author who is not afraid to ask hard questions of the faith. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him. Unfortunately, I think, in this kind of gathering, he'd probably mostly be doing a lot of listening...

So that's my list. The menu for the evening (with special thanks to Derek) will be steak kebabs with a special peanut sauce (in honor of Pele's trouble following an attempted fundraising incident that involved procuring peanuts from an unguarded boxcar) with a special vegetarian option for those who don't eat meat.

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Dunce said...

I'm quite honored to be on the guest list. But I was always somewhat afraid of Uncle Eddie -- he was a bit on the unpredictable and boisterous side, would even get into fights sometimes. I remember the tale about him or maybe one of his friends who got into it with somebody, then pulled out a pair of nunchuks to settle the fight. Unfortunately the enemy combatant took the nunchuks away and did the beating, rather than taking it.