Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lookin' Out My Back Door

OK, so these pictures were taken looking out the front door, but that would ruin the song lyric.

Friday it rained all day, but in the evening it finally cleared up... to the tune of a fantastic rainbow stretching across the sky. Jonathan really wanted to go and see where it ended, and he wasn't alone. I saw one of the neighborhood boys flying by on his bike, heading toward the eastern end of the rainbow (pictured).
The colors were distinct and the rainbow was shining brightly. Homer was going up and down the street, ringing doorbells and inviting (urging?) people outside to see the rainbow (and reminding us that God wouldn't destroy the earth with flood). Tara told him, "Yeah, the next time it will be fire." To which Homer answered, "Yeah, fire and brimstone!"
I guess you had to be there.
Shortly thererfter, the rainbow faded away, but the sunset was almost as spectacular. There's something about the way the clouds sit that makes the reflection of the sun that more amazing. I wonder what the Grand Canyon would have looked like in that light?

Anyway, as we hadn't seen the sun in several days (and reportedly won't for quite a few more), it was neat to see the blue sky (you can't really tell it from the picture, but the sky under the clouds was bright blue).
Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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