Monday, December 25, 2006

The Magic of Christmas

Ahhh, Christmas morning! We woke up and got dressed (well, some of us got dressed) and had a snack to tide us over until our big breakfast. We are forging our own traditions, but one from my family that we definitely wanted to keep was the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible before we open gifts - the reminder of what we are celebrating.

Then we started opening gifts. We took our time so that the Boy could play with his toys as he opened them. He loved it! It was maybe a little overstimulating (to say the least), but he did really well. his favorites (in no particular order) seemed to be his train set, his blocks, and his dolphins.

It was certainly a blast watching the boys opening their gifts (well, Andrew didn't exactly open his, but he seemed to enjoy what was in those brightly wrapped packages).

As you might have guessed, Andrew didn't make it too long; he barely made it long enough to "open" his gifts. Then it was time for him to go down for a nap.

He cleaned up in the stuffed animal department, though, with "Sam I Am" (I was wondering if that is anything like the "Son of Sam"), a kitten (not real, thank the Lord - because his Great Grandma would faint if she even saw it. Oh, yeah, she wouldn't be able to get into our house anyway because of the steps), and a puppy (I think it's a boxer).

So after Andrew went to bed, and as Tara started making our fantastic breakfast, I started building a train track (OK, so I admit that this was one of those gifts that was as much for Dad and Mom as it was for the Boy).

He got a bunch of tracks, plus three engines and three more train cars. Did I mention that the motorized engine (that also freewheel rolls when it's turned off) was on clearance? Or that it was the last one they had? And that the rest were on a 10% off sale?

Jonathan cleaned up in the toy department as well. The living room is a huge mess, even after I cleaned up all of the wrapping paper, boxes, and assorted mess that goes with opening Christmas presents.

It's fun being able to get up, open presents, and eat breakfast at our own pace. And it's fun starting our own family Christmas traditions.

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Stresspenguin said...

As this is my wife and my first Christmas, we're making our own traditions as well. We're about 600 miles from our families, so we were fortunate enough to be invited into the homes of some of the church members. Christmas was good.