Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heroes, again.

Who is your hero? And why? OK, if I had to narrow it down to Bible characters, and I further narrowed it down by saying you can't say "Jesus" or "God" (or any of their other names), then who is your Bible hero, and why?

There are plenty of notable Bible heroes, and mine probably changes daily. I've always liked the story of Ehud, the left-handed "judge" of Israel who slew King Eglon while the fat king took a dump, but he's not my hero.

I like the boy Samuel in the Temple - even despite being mentored by incompetent Eli, he heard God speak. Maybe he's my hero.

But over all, I think I like Paul - his perseverance was incredible, and he remained joyful in spite of every attempt to steal his joy. I love the scene with him singing while imprisoned, and his remarkable calm while shipwrecked is inspiring, but I think what makes him my hero is his thorn in the flesh. I don't know what it was (possibly blindness, but that seems too simple - in a complete matter of personal conjecture), but he struggled with it. In spite of his struggles, he remained joyful and a hard worker for Jesus Christ, whom he had persecuted.

So, who is your Bible hero, and why?


Brian said...

Paul is definitely on the top of my hero list as well. What an example of a life radically changed and turned around for God. What an example of a person completely and unswervingly committed to the cause of Christ, despite personal consequences. I aspire to be like Paul.

Big Mama said...

I suppose, being a woman, I should have a woman hero and would have to put Deborah right up there because she wasn't afraid to lead the guys where she didn't have to go & probably wasn't supposed to have to go but I also really admire Andrew (not just for the name!) because he wasn't in the limelight: just served and brought people quietly to the Lord and let others have all the atttention. That's what I would like to be.